What Does It Mean?

“Robots and Cupcakes” is our unique view of the world: It stands for technical and whimsical. It stands for production and design. It stands for professional and reliable, yet fun people to work with!

We are a full-service development and creative house offering innovative solutions for content design and development in both print and multimedia platforms. We produce games, web-based learning experiences, animations, and wide variety of static and interactive content for print, online and mobile platforms. Our extensive background in educational design has helped countless clients transition from print to digital without sacrificing quality or a focus on education.

We’re important to clients that value experience, educational expertise, and creative solutions across multiple platforms. Beyond our accomplished in-house talent, we have a plethora of extra creative talent at our fingertips, allowing us offer specialty services such as editorial, voiceovers, custom music and video filming and editing at competitive prices.

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What's New

Feb 10: Robots and Cupcakes has hit the big FIVE today!!! Help us celebrate our birthday by getting yourself a yummy cupcake. (It's ok, go ahead!) Think of us, take a big bite and send us a photo at hello@robotsandcupcakes.com!

Apr 15: It's official: Robots and Cupcakes and TSI Graphics have officially joined in an invested partnership together! As some of you may already know (and have experienced), over the last few years, R&C has been successfully partnering on see more…

Jan 17: Are YOU going to FETC in Orlando, Florida (Jan 18–31)? Drop us a line and let us know—we'd love to meet you there! hello@robotsandcupcakes.com

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What We Do

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